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<br> Spis utwor&#243;w:<br><br>BR 1<br><br>Strona 1<br><br>1. Promise Land<br>2. Z. Rider<br>3. Traveling Shoes<br>4. Going Down<br>5. Killing Floor<br>6. Six Strings Down<br>7. Waiting For The Bus<br>8. Jesus Just Left Chicago<br>9. Gypsy Blood<br>10. In My Time Of Dying (Jesus Make Up My Dying Bed)<br>11. Bright Lights<br>12. Long Road Home<br>13. Our Love Is Fading<br>14. Blackwaterside<br>15. Mississippi Blues<br>16. Roll And Tumble Blues<br>17. One More Last Chance<br>18. Mystery Train<br>19. Lay Down Sally<br>20. Angelina<br>21. Vonetta<br>22. Who Did You Think I Was<br>23. Ain&quot;t No Sunshine<br>BR 2<br><br>Strona 1<br><br>1. Midnight In Harlem<br>2. Coming Home<br>3. Soulshine<br>4. Don&quot;t Keep Me Wondering<br>5. Space Captain<br>6. Five Long Years<br>7. Miss You<br>8. Hammerhead<br>9. Nessun Dorma<br>10. Crossroads<br>11. Hands Of The Saints<br>12. I Shot The Sheriff<br>13. Shake Your Money Maker<br>14. Had To Cry Today<br>15. Voodoo Chile<br>16. Dear Mr. Fantasy<br>17. The Thrill Is Gone<br>

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Producent: Warner Music Poland

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