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Institute of Innovative Technologies EMAG
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The second stage of the competition for the post of Director of the Institute has been completed.

The Scientific Council informs that in the second stage of the competition the Competition Committee made an assessment of the Candidates based on interviews and concepts of the company’s development presented more >>>

EMTECH 2015 - Welcome!

You are welcome to submit papers and join the EMTECH 2015.
The EMTECH 2015 science-technical conference on power supply,telemetry and automation in the mining industry “Innovation and more >>>

X-MAN system awarded in Moscow

The X-MAN system, developed in the EMAG Institute, was awarded a Gold Medal of the 18th Moscow International Inventions and Innovative Technology Salon “ARCHIMEDES”( April, 2nd-5th, 2015).

more >>>
“Internet in the Information Society” IWSI 2015 - welcome!

You are welcome to submit papers, join and present computer systems at the 10th edition of IWSI 2015 - international science onference. The conference will be held between 14-25 of September 2015 D▒browa Gˇrnicza. more >>>

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