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The Wings of the Dove is a tale of desire and possession, of love and death. It is in essence a simple story, but one that opens up the great subject of art: life itself. To tackle this, James moves between fairytale storylines and the startlingly modern techniques of his testing late style. An unspeakable subtext lies beneath the silence. Distinct points of view and different centres of consciousness betray the dislocation of the social facade from the desolation beneath. For all the familiar signs, there is a gulf between glamour and the underlying threat of loss. The eternal triangle of romance is played out here like a game on an international stage for the very highest stakes. It centres on ''the dying girl who wants to live - to live and love.'' But those closest to her are in competition for what she can leave behind. Milly Theale, ''the heiress of all the ages'', is imaged as a dove, a princess, a Renaissance beauty, but these symbols come at a dreadful cost. By the end of the novel we know, ''We shall never be again as we were!''

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Ogólna charakterystyka

Rok wydania 2011
Autor Henry James
Wydawca Wordsworth Editions Limited
Format 198x129
Rodzaj Literatura obcojęzyczna
Język polski
Ilość stron 448
ISBN 9781840221817

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