<br> Spis utwor&#243;w:<br><br>CD 1<br><br>Strona 1<br><br>1. Seventh Son<br>2. Horse To The Water<br>3. Will it Go Round In Circles<br>4. Valentine Moon<br>5. The Return Of The Blues Cowboy<br>6. The Hand That Changed Its&quot; Mind<br>7. Nobody But You<br>8. Revolution<br>9. I Put A Spell On You<br>10. Oranges And Lemons Again<br>11. All That You Are<br>12. Mademoiselle Will Decide<br>13. Back O&quot; Town Blues<br>14. Town And Country Rhythm And Blues<br>15. I Wanna Be Around<br>16. I&quot;m Ready<br>17. Say Hello, Wave Goodbye<br>18. T-Bone Shuffle<br>19. It&quot;s So Blue<br>20. Outskirts Of Town<br>21. I&quot;m In The Mood For Love<br>22. What Would I Do Without You<br>



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